Salt Therapy and Sinus Issues

What is Salt Therapy and how does it work?
Salt therapy also known as halotherapy is a natural type of therapy that can improve many aspects of your health. Salt rooms or caves and salt therapy are popping up across major cities. Salt therapy has many benefits not only breathing but energy, sleep, blood flow and increased proficiency.
This type of therapy is when salt crystals are ground into particles and are released into the air of a man-made room or are already in the air natural salt cave. The process in this type of therapy is similar in a man-made salt room and in a natural salt cave. The salt particles that have been ground up are inhaled through the mouth and nostrils to help coat the nostrils, esophagus and the deepest parts of the lungs. This provides a natural way to absorb the edema from the mucosa lining in your airways.

How can salt therapy help with sinus issues?
Using salt therapy as a natural and drug-free way to treat sinus issues are becoming more popular.
Salt therapy helps with sinus issues because the salt particle reaches so far inward. When the salt particles reach in they help to draw out the fluid that is causing the strain. Salt therapy will increase the pace of the clearing of the mucus stuck in your lungs. Salt helps to increase the mucus clearance by opening up the nasal passages which will make it easier for them to clear out which can help to clear your dependence on prescription drugs.
If you are suffering from a sinus issue using salt therapy can also help with your breathing. Salt therapy rooms with halogenerators will help to clear the positive ions and the disperse the negative ions that will help with the salt particles.

Salt therapy best works for sinus issues when it is done continually. Weekly or even biweekly sessions will help to quickly clear out the mucus in your sinus or clear out whatever is causing you to have sinus issues. Book your appointment and start feeling better today.


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